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Digital Video Contest 2023

• Focus on how spooky creatures or monsters keep their smile healthy
• Include one dental fact from the Healthy Smile Learning website
• Submit only original work created by the student

Your entry should tell a story about how monsters take care of their teeth. Some of it will be made up, but you must have at least one real fact about teeth, or oral health care, from the Healthy Smile Learning website. Whether or not you include music, costumes, props or even spoken lines, is all up to you!


Moabi Kotu

South African international recording artist Moabi Kotu, who now lives in the Phoenix area, joined us in the Arizona PBS studios to share his songs “Akekho” and “More Love.”

Kotu grew up being surrounded by music, from neighbors’ chanting to community members harmonizing unrehearsed songs. “I think I fell in love with music for the first time at the age of four, listening to my father’s records, and music was just something that surrounded me, I couldn’t avoid it.” Kotu said. His father played

"Belqui's Twist" food blogger shares cooking journey, struggles as a mom

We delve in to one of the most important aspects of Hispanic culture: Food. Belqui Millili, a home chef and food blogger raised in the Dominican Republic and New York, now living in Arizona. She discusses what else she’s deeply passionate about.

Many people have found you on social media. You call yourself Belqui’s twist because of the unique latin flavor, or latin twist on some of these recipes. How would you describe the flavors of Dominican food?

Millilli defines Dominican food as a cuisine

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